We are committed to sustainability

At Vista de Olas, we’re more than just a pretty view. Sustainable and ethical living is our way of life. We’ve worked hard to minimize the hotel’s environmental impact and continue to integrate new technologies and construction methods into our infrastructure that work in harmony with the region’s delicate ecosystems.
Among our accomplishments in achieving sustainable business operations, are:

  • Installation of 138 solar panels – We produce more energy than we consume.
  • Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems – We work to protect the local aquifers, particularly during the dry season.
  • Ethical Construction – We use ethically sourced local hardwoods. All of our Adobe and Stucco utilizes natural mineral paint compositions such as Yellow and Red Ochre.
  • On-site Organic Garden – We produce most of the restaurant’s herbs, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Locally Sourced Meats, Dairy, and Fish – We work with local fishermen (ourselves), farmers, and ranchers to procure the restaurant’s base ingredients.
  • Premium imported meats, Black Angus grass-fed, hormone-free “bio-cows.”
  • Community Engagement – We hire locally and support community initiatives such as local wildlife rehabilitation centers, lifeguard programs (installing lifeguard towers), beach clean-ups, and others.